Carla Bruni's temper as 'volcanic' as Nicolas Sarkozy's

London, June 8 (ANI): French first lady Carla Bruni has just as volcanic a temperament as her husband President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to the latest book about their whirlwind romance - 'Carla and Nicolas, the True Story'

The book claims that the Italian supermodel 'regularly' threw one former boyfriend's belongings out of the window of their flat in Paris in the 1990s.

"She gets into a real rage, particularly with her boyfriends," Times Online quoted a close friend of Bruni, as stating in the book.

The authors, two respected journalists, have described the 40-year-old singer's tempestuous two-year relationship with Arno Klarsfeld, a lawyer and son of the Nazi hunters Serge and Beate, whom she met on Concorde in 1994.

"She would regularly send her chéri's things flying out of the window. She was fed up at the sight of him in front of the television watching nature documentaries," they stated in the book.

Sarkozy is also renowned for a volatile temperament.

He has often given the impression of wanting to pick a fight with protesting workers and provoked outrage recently by telling a member of the public who refused to shake his hand to 'sod off, poor jerk'.

In the Elysee Palace, Bruni has shown a territorial streak, particularly towards Rachida Dati, the justice minister and once the president's favourite. Bruni has told Dati not to telephone or text her husband so early in the morning. (ANI)

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