Sex beast Fritzl to see 'dungeon family' first time after arrest

London, June 9 (ANI): Dungeon dad Josef Fritzl will be seeing his cellar family for the first time since his arrest when his daughter and the children he fathered with her testify against him, narrating their ordeal of sex abuse and imprisonment.

Josef has confessed that he caged his daughter, Elisabeth Fritzl, in an underground cellar and continuously raped her for 24 years and fathered seven kids with her, one of whom he even incinerated after the baby was born dead.

The court proceedings, where Elisabeth, 42, will be questioned by a judge, prosecutors and her father's lawyer, will be telecasted live to her dad via a video link.

According to the doctors who are treating Elisabeth and her children, after a month long therapy she is in good condition to provide evidence. However, a psychiatrist in the court may be required when she is questioned in early July.

Also, her children, aged five to 19, will also have to face a question answer session in the court, but at a later stage.

Now that Fritzl has confessed his misdeeds, all the prosecutors require to complete their case against him is the family's testimony.

Josef, 73, is facing a number of charges that include manslaughter, rape and incarceration. His hearing is scheduled for autumn.

The hearing, which is to take place at the regional capital St Polten's court, will most probably be closed to the general public.

Fritzl has been question twice already by Christiane Burkheiser, the prosecutor in charge of the case and he is said to be "co-operative". In addition to that, Fritzl is undergoing examination by a forensic psychiatrist in prison in order to tell if he is fit to stand trial. (ANI)

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