Sex is a very noisy affair for Giant Pandas

London, June 9 (ANI): They are known to be shy and peaceful, but when it comes to sex, Giant Pandas turn hysterically noisy.

This complete metamorphosis of nature in the animals has been filmed by a BBC Natural History team in the bamboo forest that lines China's Qinling mountains, when they captured a giant panda's courtship and mating sequence.

In the first of its kind sequence on TV, a male panda is shown to be fighting off the competition from other males, while he tries to woo a female who has taken refuge up a tree.

The magic moments, shot for BBC Two's Wild China series, shows the rampaging males indulging in their boisterous calls on the ground, while the female finds save haven up on the tree.

"I liken it to Chewbaccas in a pub brawl. Most of the time, pandas live by themselves. It's only in the mating season that they come together; and that's when they start these extraordinary vocalisations," The BBC quoted Gavin Maxwell, the producer of Wild China, as saying.

He added: "The sounds are so unlikely and just the last thing you would expect a panda to make. When you get two or three males together with a female there's an awful lot of barking and shouting going on."

"They're like mini-quad bikes and once they go, they're off and they're very hard to keep up with," recalled Maxwell.

Maxwell described this courtship sequence to be an eye-opener to see pandas in a completely new light that is far removed from the shy, placid reputation traditionally associate with the animals. (ANI)

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