Mark Wahlberg has hinted he is finally ready to get married

The 'Departed' star, who recently announced his long-term partner Rhea Durham is expecting their third child, referred to Rhea as his “future wife” while talking about his birthday celebrations on June 5.

He said: "I had a beautiful day with my kids and my future wife. We went to brunch."

While it has been claimed the couple are already engaged, the 37-year-old actor has never publicly confirmed he has proposed to Rhea.

Mark - who already has two children, daughter Ella, four, and two-year-old son Michael with Rhea - also confirmed the sex of the couple’s unborn baby, which is due in September.

He said: “We are having a boy. We are thrilled!”

Although the pair are delighted they are expecting another son, Mark admits Ella was less than impressed.

He explained: "My daughter was extremely disappointed when she found out that we were having a boy - she wanted a little sister.

"She already had all these plans of dressing a little sister up in clothes. But I told her, 'Honey, that means you’ll be more spoiled than the boys.' She goes, 'Oh, daddy, I didn’t think of that!’ ”

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