Chris Martin says chocolate is “like crack”

The clean-living Coldplay frontman claims the confectionary treat is as addictive as the illegal class A drug crack cocaine.

When asked to name his favourite chocolate bar, Chris said: “Any chocolate – it’s like crack you know - you can never have a bad one.”

Chris soon realised his mistake and attempted to apologise for his comments by telling BBC Radio 1: “Please let me backtrack, if you’re into something and you like it a lot then that’s... Of course crack is a bad thing, I’m heavily into chocolate. I was only joking and I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m sorry.”

When Coldplay first started in the music business they reportedly had two rules - to share all their profits equally and fire any band member caught using hard drugs.

However, bass player Guy Berryman denied the claims last month, insisting: “We don't really have any rules. The important thing is just our relationships.”

Later in the same UK radio interview Chris joked that if he could take one item to a desert island with him, he would choose “pills which make you never say anything stupid ever again”.

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