Britain's Prince Charles slams the latest teaching methods

Britain's Prince Charles has slammed the latest teaching methods which promote skills over traditional subject knowledge. 

In a document published by The Prince's Teaching Institute, it claimed British pupils may be failing to understand key issues - such as climate change and population growth - as subjects "take second place" in the classroom.

It also says the influence of tests and league tables has limited children's access to a "balanced curriculum".

The comments were made ahead of a week-long course being staged by Charles to encourage teachers to rediscover their passion for subjects.

Writing in a guide being sent to teachers, the prince says: "Finding solutions to problems like the effects of climate change and population growth, and how to make agriculture sustainable, is essential to our future; but it is also difficult and contentious, requiring sound knowledge, intellectual rigour and wise judgement."

But the guise fears that a preoccupation with teaching skills, such as team-building and problem solving, may be undermining children's understanding of geography.

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