Your Money Marathon Undertakes Credit and Debt Problems

Your Money Marathon Undertakes Credit and Debt Problems


According to KUSA TV, Your Money Marathon has received unlimited number of calls from the people in Colorado who are looking for assistances regarding credit and debt problems including increasing interest rates, bankruptcy details and debt settlement agreements.


KOA, Rocky Mountain PBS and 9NEWS have joined forces with Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) to offer assistance in the above-mentioned domains through Your Money Marathon.


Consumer Credit Counseling Service or CCCS is a section of Money Management International. Money Management International is a non-profit seeking public service organization which offers off the record financial counseling; debt management help, credit counseling and other forms of assistance to help consumers get rid of their debt problems easily.


Money Management International also extends help to the consumers for cutting down their expenditures, formulating a feasible budget, reducing their debt payments and paying off their debts.


The consumers are not charged for housing services (counseling for prevention of foreclosure and counseling prior to buying a house), educational services or budgeting.


When a consumer opts for creating a repayment plan (where the terms and conditions of their debts are negotiated again with the creditors and money is paid out to the creditors), a monthly fee is charged from the consumer and the amount of that fee is approximately $30.


For further details, you can visit the official websites of Money Management International and Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Denver.

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