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Bloxx, the innovators in Web content filtering, today announced that it supports the recent announcement by the Royal College of Psychiatrists for the UK Council for Child Internet Safety to extend its definition of harmful Web content to include pro-eating disorder Websites.

“We support the recent statement released by the Royal College of Psychiatrists and applaud them for raising the awareness of the wide availability of this type of potentially harmful content on the Web,” said Eamonn Doyle, Chief Executive Officer at Bloxx. “It is imperative that the IT security industry works proactively with government bodies and professional organisations to address this important issue.”

The company is also highlighting the significant risk of some types of filtering technology blocking access to sites which help young people find out more information about how to deal with eating disorders.

“There’s a real challenge ensuring that young people have restricted access to sites that promote pro-eating disorders without over-blocking access to sites that can be extremely useful in helping young people find out information about how to deal with eating disorders”, adds Doyle. “Unfortunately, many Web filters use technology that makes it very difficult to distinguish between the two types of sites.”

Bloxx has developed breakthrough Web filtering software, Tru-View Technology, that accurately analyses and categorises Web pages in real-time. This enables organisations to block access to potentially harmful Web content but still allow access to Web content that provides support information on the same subject matter.

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