20:20 Consulting chooses MindGenius

- Change management consultancy uses mind mapping software to improve effectiveness -

London – 29 September 2009, MindGenius, the leading mind mapping software developer today announced that 20:20 Consulting has bought its software to develop strategic business plans, gain clarity into high volumes of complex information and advise customers on how to implement change effectively.

Mind mapping software takes information from a variety of sources and organises it into a map, providing a logical overview of any given situation and allowing easy navigation from one subject (or document) to another.

20:20 Consulting enables change by providing organisations with a clear path to achieve their objectives. 20:20 uses MindGenius to create plans for future development, including goal setting (vision statements), clarifying future purpose (mission statements) and strategic plans.

20:20 has also used MindGenius to help with reporting the results of an intricate piece of research to support the development of regional policy, and has developed new concepts and models in complex areas of business-related policy; supported businesses to develop new markets; and helped people who had a desire to get into business themselves to get started and realise their dreams.

Jayne Graham, founder of 20:20 Consulting, says: “We previously used manual notes which made analysis very difficult and time consuming. MindGenius saves 20:20 lots of time by providing the ability to present findings quickly and easily to customers through the PowerPoint and Word functions, and developing project plans that can then be exported to Microsoft project for further development.”

She concluded: “The current environment is a good opportunity for businesses to stand back and think about where they’re going and how they’re going to get there. Bringing in a new perspective and some real objectivity can really help.  20:20 are into our 6th year in business and our customers tell us that we’re here to stay!”

Dustin Newport, commercial director for MindGenius said: “The time and cost savings that businesses can realise through using information management systems such as mind maps are significant. Using mind mapping software not only helps 20:20 but also its customers to achieve their business objectives and we are pleased to be working with forward-thinking companies such as these.”

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