Epiq Systems Launches IQ Review™ Enabling Lawyers to Evaluate Critical Documents Earlier

Introduces new Intelligent “Prioritisation” Technology

NEW YORK and LONDON – September 29, 2009 – Epiq Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:EPIQ), a leading provider of technology solutions to the legal profession, announces the release of IQ Review, a revolutionary combination of new intelligent technology and smart procedures.  IQ Review addresses the challenge of rapidly locating the documents that are actually responsive to a matter—typically less than 20 percent—within increasing volumes of data, in mandated short timeframes.

Most groundbreaking is that IQ Review incorporates new “prioritisation” technology into DocuMatrix™, Epiq’s flagship document management platform.  A legal expert assigned to a case “teaches” the software to identify documents as “responsive” or “non-responsive”.  Learning from the expert, the technology determines patterns in content across all of the data, rates each document, and fast tracks the most responsive to the beginning of the review—the result is intelligent “Prioritized Review”.

Reviewing the most responsive documents first, the legal team can make decisions on strategy earlier.  Time spent on documents inconsequential to a case diminishes, along with review costs. 

“Prioritising documents before review begins presents a dramatic shift in the way review is conducted,” explains Greg Wildisen, International Managing Director, Epiq Systems. “Epiq’s IQ Review focuses human expertise upfront in a case and reduces time spent on documents irrelevant to a matter, which cuts review costs for our clients and allows them to focus on case strategy early in the process.”

Early adopters of Epiq’s IQ Review include international law firm Allen & Overy LLP, which conducts services in 31 business centres worldwide. According to Vince Neicho, Litigation Support Manager at Allen & Overy, “Cases have become more complex as potential evidence can be hidden through an elaborate maze of email attachments, large document files, and text messages.  Epiq’s IQ Review helps lawyers better understand the data and achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients more quickly.”

He added, “Our early experience in integrating the new “prioritise” phase into our legal review processes creates an infrastructure that allows our legal review team to zero in on information relevant to our matters faster.” 

Epiq Systems is a global Top 5 e-disclosure service provider in both processing and review, and has served as a pioneer in integrating advanced analytics into its flagship document review platform, DocuMatrix™. IQ Review has built on this history and introduces new intelligent review prioritisation that fundamentally changes the disclosure process.

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