Fishermen finds body of child killed by Chile tsunami in Pichilemu

Pichilemu, Chile – The body of a child was found this evening by fishermen in the beach of Pichilemu. It is another victim of the earthquake and tsunami combo that hit Chile in February 27, and later, the March 11 Pichilemu earthquake.

The fishermen were roaming around the coaste line, in Chorrillos, when at the 1:00 PM (5:00 UTC), they found the body of a person. They immediately called the police. The Fiscal of Pichilemu, Pablo Muñoz, asked for the presence of the Investigation Police.

The cadaver was moved to the Morgue of the Pichilemu Hospital, where it is being examined. It is known that the child was between three and six years old. The body will be taken to the Servicio Médico Legal in Rancagua, where it will can be identified.

The police believe that the body might belong to one of the persons that disappeared in the tsunami of the rural area of Chorrillos, when two children and an adult were taken.

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