Millstone Coffee introduces precise bean to cup process

Do you know how coffee is brought to life? Millstone® Coffee introduces their coffee's "bean to cup" journey in a simple to understand manner on their website.

According to the company, the Millstone Coffee’s taste as well as flavor variety is a direct result of their bean to cup process. The process involves a complex method of growing, roasting and blending. Each of their beans has been handpicked  from trees to ensure the quality of the best quality flavor. The trees have been cultivated by coffee farmers. Roasting is done by Millstone experts, each of whom know exactly how long to coax the beans to peak flavor.

"Millstone Coffee starts with premium Arabica beans and the taste, aroma and variety tell a story of discovery, character and quality. We are thrilled to share the story behind our coffee beans and unveil the journey that ends with the exceptional Millstone Coffee that our consumers know and love." -- Maribeth Badertscher, The J.M. Smucker Company.

If you want learn about the journey of the coffee bean to a cup step by step with added details, be sure to check their website at Millstone.com and press the A bean's Journey link.

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