Weed-Killer Imprelis lawsuit reached settlement

The lawsuit against Weed-Killer Imprelis has just reached a settlement. Based on the lawsuit the usage of the weed-killer killed and damaged trees. The product was used between August 31, 2010 and August 21, 2011 all around the United States, except for New York and California.

Individuals as well as businesses will be getting reimbursed for their losses in terms of time and/or cash for removing and replacing the damaged trees. The settlement includes different benefits for three different classes.

Class 1, property owners, will get their killed trees removed and replaced with new ones. Plus also limited warranty on any future Imprelis damage.

Class 2, lawn care professionals, will be reimbursed for their time and any expenses occurred when working with their client' damage resulted from Imprelis. They can also get refunds for any unused Weed-Killer Imprelis.

Class 3, golf courses and other self-applicators, they have all the benefits of Class 1 plus they can also get reimbursed up to $2000 for assessing Imprelis damage and the time/money spent on it.

"This settlement will provide substantial benefits for property owners whose trees were damaged as a result of Imprelis®, including additional benefits for persons who have already accepted benefits in the manufacturer's settlement program," said Robert S. Kitchenoff, Settlement Counsel for the Classes.

More information about the settlement is available at www.TreeDamageSettlement.com. You can also call 1-866-802-8112 for some more information about it.

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